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 South Abbotsford Church

Following hard after Jesus, becoming like Him, turning people to God,
and engaging in the extraordinary life He gives

Service Time

Sundays at 9am & 11am

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Young Adults

Young Adults is for people between ages 18 - 24 ish. Together we build relationships, dig deep into God's word and help share the love of God to our community. We meet most Sunday's after second service for lunch and a Bible Study.

Making Faith Our Own

As Young Adults our lives are quickly changing. We are done with high school and are heading off to university, getting full time jobs and looking to move out. We are beginning to make more important decisions for ourselves that will shape how we live the rest of our lives. One of the most important decisions that Young Adults will face is what to do with their faith. Young Adults at South Abbotsford Church is designed to help 18-24 year-olds better understand their faith and set them up for life long faith journeys.

At Young Adults we believe in:

  • A culture of leadership in which young adults lead, co-lead, and support other young adults and young adults events.
  • Building a solid faith foundation by addressing questions we have about God and better understanding what it means to be children of God.
  • Sharing God with our community through different service projects.
  • Getting to know one another at fun events that sometimes push our limits.

Young Adults Events

For more information about our events check out our Facebook page, or email us.

What else do we do?


Bible Studies & Lunch

Meeting after the 11am service every Sunday for lunch (approximately from 12:30-1:30), down stairs in the Getaway, this is where we dive into the Bible and reflect on the message from that morning, and also what we feel God has been doing in our lives. This time, although not separate from the other events, is where we come together and ask the questions of life: what does it mean to be a person, what does it mean to be made in the image of God, and how do we fit in that?


We believe in serving our community. Once a month we as a group meet at the MCC on Gladys, for Food and Friendship. this is where we participate in a volunteer partnership with Lifeline, an organization that feeds the marginalized along with the down and out. God has gifted us with this opportunity where we carry forward the gifts we have received and bless those less fortunate then us. This is one way we really display Christ in the community. Reminders and information is on our Facebook page.

Have Fun

As Young Adults we know how to have fun! We host dodgeball tournaments, hockey tournaments, go to the corn maze, go on a number of hikes, go on hut trip adventures, and much, much more.