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Authentic Living will be presented as part of Freedom Session (Book 3) beginning February 2018.


Occurring Thursday evenings in the Chapel at South Abbotsford

COST: $20 for the course

Authentic Living is a 10 week stand-alone discipleship course that can also be a part of Freedom Session (Book 3).  "Getting Real with God, Myself and Others." 

Authentic Living is for people who want to get real, who are tired of shallow Christianity and surface relationships; who are thirsty for the abundant life Jesus promised, who are ready to do some "homework" that is more accurately defined as "lifework" and for those who are ready to be honest with God, themselves and others.

In Authentic Living we cover:

  1. Learning to hear God's voice and respond
  2. Establishing priorities
  3. Traveling Light - Ridding myself of excess baggage
  4. Creating an Authentic Life Plan
  5. Going Deeper - My plan and my progress
  6. Life through Your Eyes and My Heart (Communication)
  7. Resolved Conflicts and Boundaries
  8. Gratitude and Giving Back

If you have any questions, please click here to email Pastor Connie .