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 South Abbotsford Church

Following hard after Jesus, becoming like Him, turning people to God,
and engaging in the extraordinary life He gives

Service Time

Sundays at 10am

Ways to Donate to South Abbotsford Church

Weekly Offering during our weekend services by cash or cheques. To ensure your donation receipt please place your donation in the offering envelopes and fill out the front in full.

Pre-authorized Giving allows you to choose a consistent amount and regular mid or end of the month withdrawal. Forms are available at the Welcome Center or the church office.

On-Site Debit/Credit Machine is available in the foyer at the Welcome Center during all weekend services for self use. Please ensure that you complete an offering envelope for debit/credit card donations.

PayPal – you can make a general donation by simply clicking the Donate button below. You will be transferred to the PayPal system and may donate via your PayPal account, or via a credit card of your choosing without signing up for an account.


Please select the type of donation from the drop-down before clicking Donate.

Please note that when paying by credit card (Paypal or foyer terminal) there are fees associated with the transaction which are passed on to South Abbotsford Church. 

The spending of funds is confined to the programs and oversight of South Abbotsford Church. Each gift designated toward a church program will be used as designated. When any given need has been met, or where projects cannot be reasonably carried out, the donor agrees that designated gifts may be used where needed most. 

Please note donations are not refundable. Contact the church office if you should have any questions.